Das Gnadenbild des Gegeißelten Heilandes auf der Wies, Ursprung der Wallfahrt und Mitte der Wieskirche
One better understands the sense and meaning of our beautiful church, when one takes part in a tour.
Group tours are made in German and Polish and only when arranged in advance by telephone or by letter or by fax at least one week before.
A group tour in  other languages can be done only when someone in the group is capable of simultanously translating what is explained in German.
Additional tours are also available in French or Italian.  These tours are not free of charge and can be arranged through the Tourist Information Center of Schongau.  This office can be reached by dialing the telephone number 08861 - 214 333 or sending a fax to 08861- 2626 or an e-mail to  Further information is available at  The Tourist Office in Schongau will notify us of your request and we will then reserve a set time for your group.

Naturally, these tour times cannot be held when worship services or other functions must take place in the church. Also, no tours take place on church holidays or between Christmas and New Years.

The tours last about 30 minutes and are free. We are naturally very happy and thankful when a donation for the upkeep of the Wies Church is made, which can be given to the tour leader after the tour.

Please note: since it frequently happens that several groups have asked for a tour at the same time, please see to it that your group is punctual. We cannot wait any longer than five minutes before beginning the tour. And, if it should happen that your group is the only one and your are more than five minutes late, we cannot guarantee that the tour can take place. Please have your group take a seat in the first rows of pews.This indicates to us that amongst the many tourists merely wandering through the church, these sitting in the first pews are waiting for a tour.

Private groups are welcome, provided we are informed of them in advance. Otherwise, a worship service cannot be held in the church.

Please call us at this number +49 8862 93 2 93-0
If you can only speak English, please speak very slowly. Thank you.
Our fax number is (+49 8862 93 2 93-10)

Our office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8-12 and 1-5. On Friday you can call us from 8-12.
Visitors in wheelchairs and others who have problems walking can enter the church
through the south entrance without having to climb any stairs.
Blind persons are welcome with their seeing eye dogs.